New Milk Frother by IKEA

Portable and Battery Operated MILK FROTHER by IKEA

Handheld Milk Frother - Get that perfect cup of cappuccino, latte, or drink - anytime, anywhere.

  • Features of the Milk Frother by Ikea
  • Frothed milk within seconds
  • Blends instant beverages and protein shakes
  • Stainless steel whisk 
  • Simple design with “Push” switch
  • Portable and Uses AA batteries

For instant beverages, the outcome is outstanding. Whether mixing a 3 in 1 instant drink or even a herbal drink, the taste's smoothness is incredible. 

Use it with your protein shake, and no more lumps. Enjoy the ease of preparing your health drink and savor the nutrition. Experience the difference, the smoothness of the blended drink after every use. 

The curvaceous soft-touch frother features a comfortable and easy-to-hold grip.

How to use?

Simple - Place the frother's whisk head in a mug of hot or cold milk or mixed beverage. 

Please turn it on by pushing down on the soft-touch pulse button. The food-grade stainless steel shaft and milk whisking head will spin fast. 

It only takes around 20 to 30 seconds to turn a small amount of hot or cold milk into the perfect froth or drink blend. Use it for cappuccinos, cafe lattes, mochas, and specialty coffees. Use it for hot chocolates, malts, and milkshakes. 

TIP: Use a larger cup or container as the FOAM will rise

Batteries are sold separately, 2 pcs LR6 AA 1.5V required.


DO NOT Wash the whole device. Wash the whisk and use a damp wet cloth on the body.

Milk Frother by IKEA

  • Brand: IKEA
  • Product Code: Milk Frother by IKEA
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $2.50

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